Doing the Right Thing

Today was a very rare day.  I went to Family Court, got called for the case and was in and out of there in less than ten (10) minutes.  But, that isn’t what made it rare, but trust me when I say that sequence of events is, in and of itself, extremely rare.  The rarity to which I refer is as follows: I had the pleasure of going to Court with a client that was going for all the right reasons.  My fees and expenses, the process server, $175 in filing fees and his time and effort away from work and most of all, the stress of a lawsuit and the drama associated with it were all reasons for him not to even be there.  But, he was there to do the right thing.  It was all for the benefit of a child that wasn’t even his.  It is inspirational and is really even better than earning a large fee when someone is there for all the right reasons to his detriment.  The judge clearly saw the same thing I did and ruled in his favor, but I think I may have seen the corners of the judge’s mouth also curl up in satisfaction and warmth for what this man did.  But for attorney-client privilege, I would praise him directly.  But, suffice it to say he made my day and I wish all cases were as satisfying and rewarding.  Kudos to you, Mr. X and I commend you for doing the right thing.

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